| CITYWATCH.Net| The purpose of this project was to monitor the status information of the various problems associated with urbanization through the voluntary participation of local people and to devel..
Shadow Sound
| Shadow Sound| This system utilizes directional speaker system to create a concentrated sound field which traces users movement in a space for enjoying highly personalized dynamic and seamless sound ..
Sustainability Oriented Smart-Infrastructure
| Sustainability Oriented Smart-Infrastructure | In this study, we developed a hybrid smart green architecture which doesn’t make changes diary pattern of a residence when climate change or disaster o..
| iSPHERE| The research explores as novel hybrid interface which dynamically links a virtual reality based 3D hypermedia object with hypertext webpages. The tree structured 3D hypermedia graphic obje..
| Ubi-Space| Ubi-space is designed from highly integrated modular space units that are capable of sensing, cognition and audiovisual actuations. It could not only locate people but also acts as a mult..
Harbor Place
| Harbor Place | This proposed hoteling office is an innovative work place for the visiting scholars and business folks and could provide excellent services including various digital applications such..
KI Cascade
| KI CASCADE | This proposed huge scale(3M diameter and 20M height) cylinder type LED display is to provide a unique visual experience while being installed at the top of the atrium space of KAIST Ins..
SAS (Smart Architectural Surface)
| Smart Architectural Surface: SAS | SAS is a modular framework for building highly integrated and interactive smart surfaces based upon a self-organizing network of cells that form those surfaces. Ea..
Ubi Floor
| Ubi-Floor: Smart Floor System for Interactive Multimedia Applications| This digital floor is composed of large size LCD panels and speakers along with pressure sensors to detect user’s position on i..
Flower Robot ROHINI
| Flower Robot ROHINI | ROHINI is a rose like flower robot interface to mediate occupants’ requests and smart home system for providing various services. This innovative robotic interface can change i..
POSCO Garden
| POSCO Garden | Proposed design for POSCO exhibition booth at KAIST in Korea-Metal trees with fiber optic full color lamps to signify various pieces of information such as weather, stock price or en..
BIPV Integrated Lighting System
| Analysis on the BIPV Integrated Daylight Responsive Lighting System | This research compares the potential lighting energy saving in office rooms by using different control schemes with solar cell a..
Micro-Climate Control System
| Micro-Climate Control System| Recently, advancement of ubiquitous technology makes better life to people in terms of the quality of life. Ubiquitous or pervasive computing makes this trend more dram..
| CURE system is a GIS and Web based online decision support tool to plan and design sustainable and carbon reductive urban waste processing facilities such as incinerators, landfills, food waste proc..
| KOrean Sustainable Apartment Validation Environment : KOSAVE| KOSAVE aims at constructing a design decision support system to design sustainable buildings especially green homes based on their desig..
Office HVAC System Analysis
| Numerical analysis to determine the performance of combined variable ceiling and floor-based air distribution systems in an office room| In this study, The performance characteristics of the various..
SEED| SEED is to eliminate the need for conventional high density plant factory’s artificial light source such as LED to reduce the initial investment of the light source installation as well as the o..
Smart Green House
Smart Green City-Project Planning
| Smart Green City-Project Planning | Smart Green City as a new challenging paradigm of making sustainable urban environment. This project is a preliminary effort for shaping a large scale governmenta..
| POSCO SQUARE| Actual construction of the POSCO exhibition booth at KAIST in Korea-New class of interactive multimedia exhibition facility equipped with electrochromic glass, ceiling based full colo..