| Smart and Sustainable Environment Design Laboratory (SSEL) at KAIST aims at executing various cross-disciplinary researches on the technologies and methodology for constructing ubiquitous technology augmented built environment in various levels starting from smart building up to smart city by integrating core information technologies such as next generation mobile communication, sensor network, RFID, BcN and intelligent service robot with those of architecture, civil engineering and urban planning domains.

| SSEL focuses on the research and development efforts for advanced built environments and their operations supported by various ubiquitous technologies and services. The target facilities of the lab include various architectural spaces that harness ubiquitous systems and services such as smart-home, campus, office, library, museum, theater, factory, hospital. The research domain of the lab would be expanded to include smart technology augmented urban infrastructures such as smart roads, bridges, water systems, underground, conduits, environmental processing systems and eventually looks for diverse forms of smart cities as the integration of all possible socio-econimic-techno-cultural components of making artificial environments.