Green System

Green system
BIPV Integrated Lighting System
| Analysis on the BIPV Integrated Daylight Responsive Lighting System | This research compares the potential lighting energy saving in office rooms by using different control schemes with solar cell a..
Micro-Climate Control System
| Micro-Climate Control System| Recently, advancement of ubiquitous technology makes better life to people in terms of the quality of life. Ubiquitous or pervasive computing makes this trend more dram..
| CURE system is a GIS and Web based online decision support tool to plan and design sustainable and carbon reductive urban waste processing facilities such as incinerators, landfills, food waste proc..
| KOrean Sustainable Apartment Validation Environment : KOSAVE| KOSAVE aims at constructing a design decision support system to design sustainable buildings especially green homes based on their desig..
Office HVAC System Analysis
| Numerical analysis to determine the performance of combined variable ceiling and floor-based air distribution systems in an office room| In this study, The performance characteristics of the various..
SEED | SEED is to eliminate the need for conventional high density plant factory’s artificial light source such as LED to reduce the initial investment of the light source installation as well as the ..
Smart Green House
Smart Green City-Project Planning
| Smart Green City-Project Planning| Smart Green City as a new challenging paradigm of making sustainable urban environment. This project is a preliminary effort for shaping a large scale governmental..